Free Mother's Day Video Templates to Make Video Instantly

There is a book in the world that can never be finished writing, and that is the mother. There is the most beautiful voice in the world, and that is the call of the mother. Your mother is strong in life and in her career, but you may don't know she used to be a little girl, she would shed tears when she was afraid of the dark and bugs, and was ever stabbed by needles clumsily.

Mother's Day is coming soon. No matter where you are, your mother is always concerned about you. On this Mother's Day, you can go home and do something together with her. For wanderers in a different place, don’t forget to call and send a blessing. It's time to celebrate Mother's Day and don't forget to say "Thank you, Mom".

It's also a good idea to make a memorable Mother's Day video. It's easier than you imagined. What you need is a modern video editor like FlexClip, which comes with lots of Mother's Day free templates and Mother's Day music. What you need to do is uploading your photos and writing your own words.

Free Mother's Day Video Templates Online

FlexClip is an online video editor that doesn't requires you to download Mother's Day video templates. Just visit, choose your desired Mother's Day movie template and you're almost done.

Besides Mother's Day video templates for personal use, you could also make Mother's Day promo and discount video instantly from free video templates for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and other holidays. FlexClip is also a smart choice to make business videos like TikTok Ad video, YouTube Ad video, Facebook Ad video, Instragram Ad video, Twitter Ad video, etc.

free mother's day video template

Video Ideas for Mother's Day

1. A Mother's Day video could be a greeting card video, a Thank You video, or a memorable video that relives those memories in the stack of old pictures. Sending a gift bought by you to your mom, or making a Mother's Day video, are both "gifts" that labeled – “I Care”.

2. Get your children involved in. Grandpa and grandma will love to see their grand children in a video. Try to ask them questions and record the answers. Tears of laughter are guaranteed. A husband can also use Mother’s Day as a platform to appreciate their wives for being great mothers.

3. If you're traveling outside, create a Mother's Day video from photos of different places you've been. You're the eyes of your mother traveling around the world. When Mother's Day video is complete, either email the video or share it on social media. Greetings will touch the bottom of your mom's heart. Use Mother's Day video template to create a video online. No computer and download needed.

4. More and more companies will publish warm and touching video for Mother's Days. Mother's Day is one of the most important day to promote your products and brands. Instead of hiring a team to create Mother's Day video, it's now more popular to make Mother's Day promo and discount video for marketing, saving you big time and money.

FAQs about Free Mother's Day Video Templates

Are Mother's Day Movie Themes Editable?

Yes. You're able to edit and replace anything to create your own Mother's Day video in a few clicks. FlexClip provides you everything free, including title templates, overlays, music, stock video, stickers and more. FlexClip has been the best online Mother's Day video editor so far. Make the Mother's Day video your Mom will love immediately, or create Mother's Day video for marketing purpose, shown as below.

Can I Use Mother's Day Video Templates in iMovie?

Yes. You need to customize the video template and then export to your Mac for continuing editing with iMovie. Since iMovie doesn't work on Windows, if you're using a PC, you need an iMovie for Windows alternative like Movavi Video Editor or your favorite video editor for PC.

Are There More Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day During Quarantine?

Here are 20 virtual Mother's Day ideas for you. Stay safe and celebrate Mother's Day no matter where you're.

  1. Watch a Mother-Daughter Movie Together on Netflix or Zoom.
  2. Have brunch at home.
  3. Take a virtual flower arranging class.
  4. Have a paint night online.
  5. Give her a manicure.
  6. Leave her a surprise to come home.
  7. Give her the gift of song.
  8. Learn a no-cost skill online together.
  9. Make a scrapbook together.
  10. Assemble a special Mother’s Day puzzle.
  11. Take a dance class together.
  12. Have dinner together.
  13. Play games together.
  14. Explore new places.
  15. See a show or musical.
  16. Have a pajama party.
  17. Bake up something sweet
  18. Take your mom on a picnic.
  19. Have a spa night.
  20. Make a custom cookbook together.


Enjoy! And once again, on May 9, 2021 don't forget to say Happy Mother's Day!

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