iMovie for Chromebook Computers: Edit Videos Online

Chromebook is a notebook brand from Google, which is designed as "always online" with a complete web application service, based on the Google Chrome OS system. Most computer manufacturers like Dell, Samsung, HP and Acer have released Chromebook computers.

Although Chromebooks looks like a laptop, it doesn't have any software installed and no hard drive to install. It only has an efficient browser Chrome that you can use to check emails, editing documents, visiting social networking sites, editing videos, and using other web-based services.

Since Chromebook is a laptop in cloud. You have to find online video editors alternative to iMovie for Chromebook. No download, no installation. Just open Chrome web browser in your Chromebook, and all video editing is online. Below are our top 3 iMovie for Chromebook picks out of dozens of iMovie online alternatives. Enjoy!

#1 iMovie for Chromebook Online Video Editor - WeVideo

  • WeVideo is a powerful online video editor that you can use in your Chromebook laptop. It's a perfect match with your Chromebook because it empowers you to upload video and edit them anytime, anywhere. Even kinder garden children can easily use this iMovie alternative for Chromebook.
  • The intuitive user interface is very similar to iMovie. Did you see the big Create New button? And the title templates? WIth WeVideo, you're able to quickly assemble your photos, music and video into a good-looking video. Then you're able to directly upload to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
imovie for chromebook wevideo
imovie equivalent for chromebook wevideo
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#2 iMovie Equivalent for Chromebook - ClipChamp

  • ClipChamp is an online video editor that has a long feature list. It's really easy and fast to use in Google Chrome web browser, which is fully compatible with Chromebooks. Its free service allows you to edit 5 videos per month and get more free video credits by inviting friends to use ClipChamp.
  • It enables you to upload video fast. All basic video editing tools are included, like split, trim, titles, transitions, and a lot of free and paid elements to personalized your movies in clicks. Try this iMovie alternative for Chromebooks for totally free now.
imovie for chromebook clipchamp
imovie alternative for chromebook

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#3 iMovie Alternative for Chromebook - Kizoa

  • Kizoa is a fully-featured online video editor that has a classic user interface like iMovie and offline video editing software. It comes with all regular video editing tools, as well as lots of themes and special effects to bring your video to the next level. It's not only compatible with your Chromebook's Chrome web browser, but also all web browser that with Adobe Flash Player installed, like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and so on.
  • There's unlimited to share your video after editing, like uploading to YouTube and Facebook, email to other, etc. DVD disc is an outdated sharing option, but sometimes it's helpful. Kizoa even provides DVD burning service so you can send your video to them by a DVD disc.
imovie for chromebook kizoa
imovie alternative for chromebook kizoa
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iMovie for Chromebook Video Editor Conclusion

imovie for chromebook alternative

In this article, I recommended only 3 iMovie alternatives for Chromebooks. Actually, there are an array of online video editor applications available for your Chromebook. Since Chromebook runs on Chrome OS and supports Android applications. You can also choose your favorite iMovie for Chromebook alternative from Chrome Web Store and Android video editors. See how to install Android apps on your Chromebook here.

Chromebooks are less powerful in terms of video editing. If you want to do advanced video editing and movie making, a Windows laptop is necessary. Then you're able to download and install iMovie-like Windows video editor here.

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