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  • Failed to Import iMovie for iOS Project? Solved

    Nowadays, it’s popular to use iMovie for iPhone or iPad on the go. Many iMovie users recently reported failing to import iOS projects when they tried to continue editing videos with iMovie on their desktop macOS. This post is trying to help you solve the import error. First of all, update iMovie to the latest […]

  • What is the closest thing to iMovie for Windows?

    Without a doubt, iMovie is one of the most successful products of Apple Inc. However, in terms of video editing applications, there are many iMovie alternatives you can use on Windows. Why Apple doesn’t release a Windows version of iMovie? Many people are waiting for it. But before that, below is a short list of […]

  • iMovie for Windows Registration Code?

    Today, I found out many people are searching for “iMovie for Windows registration code” on Google. The top 3 results are all crack-related pages. So does iMovie need a registration code? NO! iMovie is a totally FREE video editing application already pre-installed on every Mac since around 2014. Therefore, you don’t need an iMovie for […]

iMovie for PC Free

iMovie is free to use on macOS and iOS. It’s one of the best video editing applications for beginners. Is there an iMovie for Windows alternative for free?

iMovie Online

iMovie Online

Want to edit videos online? There isn’t an online version of iMovie, but you’re definitely able to edit videos using an online video editor like iMovie.

iMovie Guides

iMovie Editing Guide

Here are the iMovie video editing tips if you have just switched to the macOS, including adding music/titles, green screen, exporting, and so on.

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