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  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and feature-rich like iMovie but for Windows. It's iMyFone Filme - a must-have video editor for Windows computer.
  • Make stylish movies in clicks with themes, photos, videos, music and voice-over.
  • Export to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and any regular file formats so you can share on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Enhance your videos with professional tools & 1000+ built-in FREE elements.

OS: iMovie for Windows 10, Windows 11, Win 8, and Windows 7

download imovie windows

Is iMovie Available for Windows?

iMovie is free video editing software designed by Apple and used on its own operating systems macOS and iOS exclusively. That means iMovie isn't available for Windows. And worse, there isn't any official plan for Apple to release iMovie for Windows. In order to edit videos on your Windows computer, you'd better find a paid or free iMovie-like video editor. Luckily, there are so many video editing applications on the market you can choose from.

The first one you should try is iMyFone Filme. It's the perfect Windows equivalent of iMovie, which provides you with an intuitive interface and a familiar workflow of movie making. Like iMovie, iMyFone Filme includes lots of themes so that you're able to create amazing movies with photos, music, titles, voiceover, and more. It's a proven iMovie for Windows substitute chosen by millions of iMovie users all over the world. Try it yourself right now.


iMyFone Filme includes all the video editing tools that you need. It's extremely easy to use that even a kid could probably make a good-looking video in minutes. For video enthusiasts, it comes with professional tools like green screen, video stabilization and even beat detection. It also works with the latest 4K content pretty well. I've used lots of video editing software and Filme ranks among the best.

-- Tim Chris, A YouTube blogger

Get Ready for Movie Making on Windows

iMyFone Filme features all common video editing tools and advanced tools to help you make outstanding videos with ease. Your iMovie video editing experience will continue to shine here with Filme.

  • Split, trim, merge, crop, rotate and enhance your videos without effort.
  • Organize your videos, audio and titles in multiple tracks on the timeline.
  • Enhance your videos with professional tools like Green Screen, Mask, Mosaic, Brightness/Contrast, Keyframe Animation, Text to Video, & more.
  • Includes 200+ royalty-free music, sound effects, titles, transitions, etc.
iMovie for Windows Video Editing

All Roads Lead to Masterpieces

Whether you want to convert photos and video to a movie instantly, or make movies from different themes in one project, iMyFone Filme gets you covered. Let your imagination fly, Filme will land it successfully.

  • The Full mode lets you control every detail, from background music to Audio Mixer, from video stabilization to transitions, and from animated titles to keyframe animations. Video editing simplified.
  • The Fast Video mode enables you to create album with preset music, transitions, titles, and elements in a few clicks. An array of templates are designed for family, holiday, birthday, love, travel, vlog, etc.
  • The built-in screen recorder helps you record videos for making video tutorial, product demo with the powerful tools featured with iMyFone Filme.
iMovie for Windows Movie Making

The More You Get, The More You Share

Like iMovie, iMyFone Filme doesn't set the boundaries of movie making. It's one of the best iMovie for Windows alternatives.

  • Quickly download free stock media for video editing, including videos, images, GIFs, stickers, and high-resolution graphics.
  • Have lots of PowerPoint files for sharing? No problem! The Slide to Video feature in the Fast Video mode enables you to convert every slide to an eye-catching video in on time.
  • The Text to Video tool helps you easily make explainer videos or instructional videos with elegant templates, intro videos, and outro videos.
  • Export video in regular media formats for sharing anywhere, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and so on.
  • Import videos from your computer and phones (wired or wireless)
iMovie for Windows Video Editor

download imovie windows 10 download imovie

Watch iMyFone Filme Video Demo

Frequently Asked Questions about iMovie for Windows

Can you get iMovie on a Windows PC?

No. There isn't an official version of iMovie released by Apple Inc. Here's the best alternative to iMovie for Windows. iMovie can only runs on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Don't try to install ANY "iMovie setup file" for Windows. Your Windows PC might be infected by a virus. To edit video on a Windows PC, try iMyFone Filme or any iMovie alternative for Windows. If you're tech-savvy, you could also run macOS and then iMovie on Windows with the help of VMware Workstation.

What's similar to iMovie for Windows?

iMyFone Filme for PC is one of the best iMovie alternatives you could find on the video editing software market. Apart from the ease and simplicity of basic video editing, this iMovie for Windows substitute provides you with almost any video editing features you need to create awesome video for social media or product marketing. Sometimes, you might not find the direct equivalent feature of iMovie, there is always a workaround to suit your needs. Just get it for free try now.

Is iMovie a good video editor?

Definitely. There is almost no learning curve to start using iMovie on Apple's platforms. Even a kid without any video editing experience could use iMovie and create amazing video production. That's why people search for "iMovie for Windows" even though they have switched to the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you want iMovie natively to work in Windows, you're suggested sending a feature request to Apple via this online form.

How do I download iMovie app on Android?

Forget it. iMovie also doesn't support Google's Android. Similar to iMovie alternative for PC, you could also find lots of iMovie for Android alternatives.

Does iMovie cost money?

No. iMovie is ABSOLUTELY free to use. Just go to macOS/iOS/iPadOS's App Store to download iMovie if it doesn't appear on your device. For Windows users, iMyFone Filme is the highly recommended video editor similar with iMovie.

download imovie windows download imovie

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